Terms Of Service

Terms of Service Agreement is made


The Client: Any business or agent paying IBRA Digital for a service is referred to as the Client (the "Buyer"), and

The Service Provider- IBRA Digital Branding Services LLC.

referred to as "Parties" as a whlie.

The Service Provider agrees to deliver the services to the Buyer in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement. The Buyer requests that the Service Provider provide the services listed below.

Depending on your requirements and what IBRA Digital bills you for, the Service Provider shall offer the flilowing services to the Buyer in line with the terms and circumstances of this Agreement. Any of the services listed below cannot be provided to the Buyer unless payment has been made via an email invoice from IBRA Digital. On a per-item basis, the Buyer shall only get the particular services identified on their invoice that correspond to the list of services below.


Logo And Branding

When you join up, we'll send you the clilection of branding materials that is displayed on our website. For branding packages, the service provider must only deliver the particular goods that customers specify in their online Buyer's Discovery Guide. Six original logo possibilities are included in the design, which was inspired by your suggestions and comments. After a logo design proposal has been selected, we will offer four rounds of revisions. The information on the business card will match that on your Discovery Guide and be consistent with branding throughout the website and logo.

We will offer the business card two rounds of revisions. There will be two rounds of modifications for all other branded materials before additional fees are applied, including Thank-You Postcards, Free Assessment Cards, Ticket to Good Health Cards, and Screening banner designs. The buyer acknowledges that neither IBRA Digital nor any of its services include printing.

Website Design And Development

You have the right to seek information about and access any personal data we process about you, including:

WordPress-based responsive websites are produced by us. Using our conventional web development techniques, the service provider will construct the website. The buyer's branding, as provided to us in your Discover Guide and emails, will be reflected in the website design's appearance and tone.

Support for content writing is offered, and the buyer will submit two rounds of email-based change requests for each page of material. Before we develop the website, we will supply the Buyer with this written text material for their approval.

Prior to the creation of the website, the Buyer is required to review this material and make any necessary modifications.

There will be two rounds of design and content changes permitted by the Buyer for each website page.

The information provided is generic and might be found on other IBRA digital websites. Duplicate material impacts website design, development, and search engine rankings, and it is the buyer's responsibility to be aware of this and modify content as they see fit.

The Service Provider will charge extra fees based on the number of words and pages used in custom-written pages at a rate that will be decided upon the Buyer's request.

*Domain Name: If The Buyer already has a domain name at the time of the First Invoice Payment, The Service Provider will connect it to The Service Provider's hosting service and retain it with The Buyer's current registrar.

Websites Updates And Maintenance

Updates: Updates will be sent to the Service Provider once a month upon request from the Buyer through email. These modifications may be minor ones in content or design that don't take more than an hour to complete. There will be a charge if the update takes more than an hour to complete. If the scope calls for an additional payment, the customer will be informed before work begins.

MAINTENANCE: Throughout the duration of the relationship, all website plug-ins, themes, and hosting will be updated. These assurances of updates and maintenance do not guarantee search engine visibility.

Video Packages

The movies included in the buyer's selected package must be created, filmed, and edited by the service provider. To confirm the project with the Buyer, the Service Provider must provide the first invoice through email. The official list of final deliverable products that the Buyer will receive is the videos stated in the first invoice. Any additional videos made over those on the buyer's invoice will be charged more. The Buyer enters into a monthly contract with monthly payments up until the full amount of payments has been made by paying the initial invoice.

Once the initial iteration of each video edit has been delivered, two rounds of adjustments will be permitted. Unless IBRA Digital grants credit with specific authorization via email, the Buyer is responsible for paying for any travel-related expenses such as flights, rental vehicles, and motels.

Authority And Proofs

The Company may rely on the Customer's written or verbal approval of designs, drafts, proofs, or estimates as authorization to move forward and to engage into contracts with suppliers based on such quotes.

All work may be presented as proof for the customer's approval, and the company won't be held responsible for mistakes that the customer doesn't fix in those proofs. Any changes made by the customer and any further proofs required as a result will incur additional fees. Any more mistakes in proofs that the customer has approved will not be accepted, ever.

Property And Risk In Goods

  1. On delivery, the goods and services are presumed to have been accepted by the customer, but the company retains ownership of all materials and products made to the customer's specifications up until the complete payment for all goods and services provided to the customer.
  2. Upon delivery, the customer takes ownership of the products.
  3. Any material made available to the Customer by or on behalf of the Customer is at the Customer's risk while it is in the Company's possession or in transit, and the Company is not responsible for any loss or damage to such materials, regardless of how it occurred. The Customer is responsible for ensuring the said material accordingly.


Except for information already in the public domain, the Customer and the Company agree to keep all confidential information about the other party and/or any of its subsidiary and associated companies a secret, not to disclose it, and not to use it for any other purpose than to carry out their respective obligations under this agreement. The customer's confidential information must include, but not be limited to, information and data on the operations, financial performance, and results of the customer and its subsidiaries. Confidential information belonging to the Company may include, but is not limited to, information about its costs, fees, and any unfinished work or concepts.


The copyright and all other intellectual property rights in any design, artwork, copy, or other material generated by the Company under this Agreement shall be and remain the exclusive property of the Company unless otherwise expressly stated in writing. Except in cases where the Company obtains a valid assignment of such rights from such third parties, the intellectual property rights in all designs, artwork, copies, and other works created by third parties shall remain their property. However, the Company will, at the customer's request, use reasonable efforts to secure such an assignment in the event that the customer pays all associated costs and fees.

For the avoidance of dispute, unless a separate agreement is requested and negotiated beforehand, nothing in this agreement shall force the Company to assign the rights of an intellectual property nature in its work.